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    new art

    Monday, February 03, 2014

    i thought i'd dust off the old blog to share something very exciting:) over the last several months, brian (my trusty hubby and art assistant) and i have been working to develop a completely new, completely different line of art. we've been sawing and sanding and painting our little hearts out and i am so excited to finally share it with you all. although this look is different, it still has the holly christine touch--bright colors and uplifting messages. we would love to know what you think! stay tuned, as i will be adding new pieces every day this week:) these are all currently available in my shop under the new art section.

    hello sign

    welcome sign

    wood bird hanging

    you are loved sign


    thankful tree

    Monday, November 05, 2012

    i tackled a thanksgiving themed pinterest project this weekend. i first found the idea for a thankful tree here. thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday and i often feel like it gets passed over with all the excitement about halloween and Christmas. the whole idea behind the tree is to stop and think about one thing you are thankful for each day, write it on a leaf and hang it on the tree. joe is especially pumped up about this project and reminds me first thing every day that we need to add a leaf to our thankful tree. this afternoon we plan to make glittery birds to perch in the tree.

    here's what you need to make your own thankful tree:
    *branches of various sizes
    *string (to hold the branches together and hang the leaves)
    *scrapbook paper to make leaves (i just freehanded mine with scissors)
    *a cute container. mine is a glass vase that i weighed down with sand and seashells to make it harder for the kids to knock it over. 

    i love simple projects that help us celebrate the season!


    happy fall!

    Monday, October 29, 2012

    or the last six or seven years, i have sent out a "happy fall" card to our friends and family. my early subjects were our two jack russell terriers, but then joe came along in 2009 and stole the show (sorry owen and izzy!). i enjoy sending a fall card because i have time to make intricate, scrapbooky cards before the rush of the holiday season. it also takes the pressure off the Christmas card. some years i send Christmas cards and other years i don't and i'm ok with that since i know that our family members were already delighted with a stupidly cute fall card:)

    people ask all the time how in the world i have time to make these cards in the middle of being an artist and stay-at-home mom. my answer is that creating is really what i do to relax. AND this year joe was finally interested enough to be my assistant. no more licking envelopes for me!

    they also ask how i manage to get such great pictures (even though this year's is a little blurry). my answer to that this year is two words: candy corn;)


    it's a...

    Monday, October 15, 2012

    ok so we don't actually KNOW if the baby is a boy or a girl, but i am very convinced that it is a boy. here's why:

    1. my very first symptom with this pregnancy was heartburn. with joe, i had TERRIBLE heartburn starting at 5 weeks and continuing through the whole pregnancy. with eliza, i only had it at the end.

    2. this baby is SO wiggly! again, joe was very active and eliza was not nearly as active. last week when the doctor was listening to the baby's heartbeat, this baby was literally bumping into the spot where the doppler was over and over.

    3. i seriously feel like i have the appetite of a horse. i want to eat all. the. time.

    4. brian and i absolutely cannot agree on a baby boy name. that tells me it's for sure going to be a boy;)

    we have a little chalkboard in our bathroom where brian and i like to write silly notes to each other. here is what it looks like now:

    brian thinks i'm crazy because i was convinced that joe was a girl and that eliza was a boy, so he says my intuition is worthless. however, since i have already had one boy and one girl, then that means i'm an expert, right?

    we will officially find out whether this little baby is a boy or a girl on thursday, so stay tuned!



    Monday, October 08, 2012

    for me, motherhood has been a mix of things i dreamed of doing when i was a little girl and things that i never expected. i try to make a conscious effort to enjoy this time when my little ones are still little. i try to give myself plenty of grace and remember that even though i may not do everything perfectly, i am still the perfect mom for MY kids. most of all, i try to see the humor and joy that comes with this crazy job of being a mom. 

    pictures like this make me smile:

    quotes like this inspire me to keep trying:

    and articles like this make me laugh:

    (and, no, i am not already planning the 4th pregnancy!)


    happy list

    Wednesday, October 03, 2012

    it's been a loooong time since i did a happy list! here goes...

    {new "be happy" design available here}

    things that make me happy these days:

    1. the END of the first trimester. goodbye sickness, hello energy.

    2. answering questions like "mommy, how BIG is an elephant's bottom?

    3. art like this and this. i love these girls and their cool creations!

    4. early morning walks to starbucks that are finally cooler {65 degrees is cool to this florida girl}

    5. a WALKING workout that is actually a real butt kicker!

    6. visiting with old friends and laughing about how crazy get togethers with kids are.

    7. iphone 5! i actually had to google "where is the iphone 5 headphone jack?"

    8. impromptu kitchen dance parties.

    9. finally being able to play games like chutes & ladders and go fish with my boy.

    10. seeing eliza's face light up when joe asks if she wants him to give her a kiss.


    the pumpkin craze continues

    Monday, October 01, 2012

    my obsession with pumpkin has not lessened (i'm sitting here eating a pumpkin bagel as i type!). thanks to those of you who shared pumpkin recipes with me.

    my morning sickness has been replaced with a desire to bake, bake, bake. the kids are loving it (both have gained two pounds each since i got pregnant!) so this weekend, i made pumpkin biscuits and pumpkin rice krispie treats. the bicuits were the clear winner. the rice krispie treats were more chewy and less "krispie" so i don't think i'll make those again.

    Spiced Pumpkin Biscuits Recipe

    (photo credit & recipe)

    the biscuits were super easy to make and reminded me a little bit of scones. they were perfect for breakfast (with honey butter!) and i already have them on this week's menu with pumpkin soup. this will be my last pumpkin post, but you can follow along with my pumpkin obsession on this pinterest board if you like:)


    a pumpkin kind of pregnancy

    Monday, September 24, 2012

    with each pregnancy, i've had very specific cravings. with joe it was french fries (or maybe the ketchup). with eliza, it was coke. this new baby has me craving pumpkin in a major way. in the last two weeks, i have made at least 5 batches of these muffins:

    photo credit & recipe here:)

    i've made them plain. with chocolate chips. with walnuts. but not ever with cranberries. and nope, there are no leftovers. the kids and brian love these moist, get-you-in-the-mood-for-fall muffcakes (joe's term) as much as i do. 

    next up in the pumpkin recipe line-up: pumpkin soup. pumpkin snickerdoodles. pumpkin protein pancakes (from my new favorite blog). pumpkin bread. roasted pumpkin. and any pumpkin recipe you care to share with this pumpkin crazed preggo;)



    Monday, September 17, 2012

    to say joe is excited about this new little baby growing in me would be an understatement. he checks my stomach every day to see if it is bigger and comes up with all sorts of questions that only a three year old mind would think of. on our evening walk the other night, we had the following conversation:

    joe: mommy, the WHOLE family came on a walk.

    me: yep, even the new baby

    joe: what's the new baby doing in there?

    me: well, what did you do when you were in my tummy?

    long pause while he thinks about this...

    joe: i played with your bones!

    {and this is where brian and i totally cracked up and joe looked on with the cutest little satisfied grin}


    baby #3!

    Monday, September 10, 2012

    it's SUCH a relief to finally be able to share that we are expecting baby #3 in march! i am going to steal my friend katie's format for a little pregnancy/baby Q & A:)

    when are you due?

    i am due march 19. eliza's 2nd birthday is march 16, so we are sure to have an exciting month!

    is it a boy or girl? do you have names picked out?

    we don't know boy or girl yet, but we will find out as soon as we can! we have a for sure girl name. the boy names are trickier. joe's personal favorites are mordecai and hammer jack;)

    was this planned!?

    yes and no:) i had been going back and forth about whether or not i wanted to have another baby. it seems that God made the decision for me;)

    how have you been feeling?

    the morning sickness with this pregnancy has been 10x worse than the other two. i was honestly wondering if there might be two babies in there! we have confirmed that there is only one baby and i am feeling better every day.

    are and brian excited/nervous about the birth?

    my two birth stories could not be more different. i had a traumatic experience that ended in a c-section with joe and a triumphant experience that ended in a successful vbac with eliza. i am excited to be going into this birth knowing that i CAN do it. everything last time was so unknown, so this time i'm a little more excited and a little less nervous:) brian is just hoping i don't have the baby in the car since the last labor was not terribly long!